vignettes III

for all i try to
shelter myself
i cannot get away
from the drenching rain
at the shore
both the torrent
and the ocean
will make wet, but
the ocean will
expedite the process

this pillow smells of
scents from nights
spent in my bed
catching my breath
breathing in heady aromas
breaking a sweat
just remembering
nights that i pray
will repeat endlessly

my eyes water at your
love breaks everything
and builds it all back up
in its own image
your advantage
was that
i was not built
when you found me
i was in need of your love
i am in need of you

the harsh glow of this night light
illuminates my soul’s progress
through every stage required
to become a citizen of this
cruel, cruel universe

glb /// “vignettes III”
originally published 06/08/2016