red mist and ether

but the thing is…

i awoke from a conversation
i was having with myself
with no idea where it started
with no idea where it was going

a harsh tone of feeling
breaks through
a coughing laugh
that came from somewhere
back and to the left

i could not see where
you had come from
i just knew
i should be there
either in your presence
or your absence

knowing you will be back
knowing i will see you soon

a jerking journey
through red mist and ether
moistens my flesh
it will be dry by morning

where i will wake with a start
throat and face bone dry
and my greatest trip
begins again
breaking up a conversation
i was having with myself

glb /// “red mist and ether”
originally published 05/11/2015

those words

when you take the time
when you get to slow down
when you open up
when you go back and read
those words
the turn of phrase
the combinations
that capture the magic
the longing for the stars
the sensation brought by
the sparks when we touch
when those words come alive…

glb /// “those words”
originally published 09/02/2019

you amaze me

you amaze me, look at me
in the eyes, catch my train
of thought as it comes off
the track in the middle of
nowhere, i am amazed,
speak silence to me and
i understand as a tree
falls in the forest, where
did you come from? there
is a point somewhere deep
in the ocean, a blue whale
sings songs of you, you are
amazing, rising from the
depths, you are of your
own species, at home
anywhere in this universe

glb /// “you amaze me”
originally published 01/24/2014

untitled 1028

i’m feeling twilight
my arms and legs
feel heavy
yet they are floating
on translucent blue air

i’m feeling midnight
all weight is gone
i am soaring through
the black star speckled sky
searching for you
on your nightly flight

i’m feeling daybreak
measuring my night
in terms of time spent
with you across the universe
in search of sunrise
you’re here next to me
dreaming with a
smile on your face

glb /// “untitled 1028” original

13 days

13 days to live or die

i chose the former,
the universe…
the latter

i do not know
the ferocity
of the fight,
only that it left

it changed me
in ways i cannot
even begin to explain

for better
for worse
i am still here

for yes
for no
i answer your call
i answer your questions

i feel my longing
in the chasm of the night
the opaque gray morning
filters in
revealing your empty
side of the bed

i try not to react
to your endless absence,
dressing quickly
i slip into the
misty morning

i scribble your name
into the dew on my car
continually checking
over my shoulder
hoping you’ll catch me…

glb /// “13 days”
originally published 03/16/2019