my words

my words are dying
for a muse,
hoping to get through
to someone that
might not even be

my words are longing
for a touch
in places that
haven’t been touched
in so long

my words are trying
to break through
your defenses
hoping you will see
me for what i am

just a boy
in love
with a girl

glb /// “my words”
originally published 02/23/2019


use your voice
use your words
go everywhere
you ever want to go

take me there
show me what
i have been missing
through the strains
of your prose

use your rock
use your soul
create a new universe
don’t be afraid to go

pull me into you
show me the heartbeat
of your sun
let me feel
your dark attraction
fill my skies with
sparks and stars

make me yours
and i will be
without question

glb /// “speak”
originally published 03/21/2018

letters on the floor

the letters
the letters slid off the page
piroetting and pinwheeling
floating to the parquet

glancing off my fingers
ricocheting off my knee
they end up in a pile beneath my feet
trampled and trashed and smeared

sweeping up the phrases
grabbing fist-fulls of adverbs and adjectives
trying to rebuild the fragments
re-form the stanzas
plug the gaps left by words that have
fluttered out of my imagination

praying the underlying prose,
tales of light and dark,
escape the carnage,
that my lyric continues to

glb /// “letters on the floor”
originally published 04/11/2018

do you justice

all of my poetic words and phrases
are locked up tight in my heart tonight
leaving me with everything else
circling my brain

i desperately want to write something
to you
for you
that’s just where my mind has been

but you deserve a bed of roses
a sea of sunflowers
fields of poppies
tulips and azaleas

so i’ll retire my tablet for tonight
hoping a quiet night
and a good rest
will find me at sunrise
poised to do you justice

glb /// “do you justice”
originally posted 04/09/2019

errant lines

take all of my errant lines
take all of my stops
and stuttering starts
take all of my misplaced words
and every one of my
malformed metaphors
my slipping similes
take all of that and more
put it in a sack and throw
it in a river, dash it against
a rock, drop it from a plane,
apply whatever violent act
you deem appropriate
to assure they are never
read again

glb /// “errant lines”
originally published 01/12/2014

13 days

13 days to live or die

i chose the former,
the universe…
the latter

i do not know
the ferocity
of the fight,
only that it left

it changed me
in ways i cannot
even begin to explain

for better
for worse
i am still here

for yes
for no
i answer your call
i answer your questions

i feel my longing
in the chasm of the night
the opaque gray morning
filters in
revealing your empty
side of the bed

i try not to react
to your endless absence,
dressing quickly
i slip into the
misty morning

i scribble your name
into the dew on my car
continually checking
over my shoulder
hoping you’ll catch me…

glb /// “13 days”
originally published 03/16/2019

attempting to relate the story to something in my every day life

attempting to relate the story to something in my every day life
“it’s like going to the corner market for milk and coming back with
a can of SPAM and two pickles”

but it doesn’t measure up, nothing ever will, so you don’t try again
you just settle back in your chair and watch the snow fall on the
street and sidewalk and cars

but you do try again, there’s no way you can’t

trying to start a fire in the gas fireplace is an exercise in futility,
as a distraction from your problems it is the worst example,
you just twist a knob and press a button, no need for kindling
and matches and such

if only you could “whoomp” away your worries that easily, there
would be a fireplace in every room, endlessly burning for your

putting on sandals and heading outside for an icy walk on the
driveway gets you half way to the mailbox before your toes
turn blue, look at the weather, no postman is coming today
this was an exercise in futility

there is nothing you can do that will measure up to the way
you felt when you were with her, your ordinary with her is more
extraordinary than anything you can experience without her

glb /// “attempting to relate the story to something in my every day life”
originally published 01/29/2014