bubbles and water droplets
caught by dappled sunlight
through hundred year old
their majesty mutes,
we reach around the trunk,
in silence,
just to see how far we can go,
in awe of something so simple,
whispers and giggles of delight
meet the thick, clinging, fog,
as it uncoils itself from
the ocean and wraps around
all beings in its path,
the trees soar to the roof of
this cathedral, all present
bow heads and give thanks
to mother nature for allowing
this awe inspiring experience

glb /// “sequoias”
originally published 05/12/2014


there’s a moment
there’s a hue
there’s a shadow
there’s a bright
too bright
to observe, directly

in that moment
fleeting feelings
wraiths of blue
scatterings of yellow
drops of laughter
rivers of lust

that moment remains,
i shudder when i try
recognition slips away
arms empty

i kneel in my own
asking only for a sign,
finding vacancy
after vacancy
moment fleeting

for the longest
my heart hurts
like my head,
wrapped in velvet
ripping and comforting
all at once

a moment will bring
like i imagine
having been lost
to so many
silent blows

for a moment
the parking lot
for a car
it’s all so much
background noise
spinning me
to the ground
interring me

ending that moment

unprepared for the next

glb /// “moment”
originally published 12/27/2017

rainbow wonderings

the boat on the beach
painted in a rainbow hurricane
can take us anywhere
we want to be
but you’re not here
on this solitude of sand
and the rainbow is wasted
on everything I imagined
for the two of us
I pull it into the waves
and raise the sail
as the wind is caught
my heart billows
cresting the final roller
the sea becomes calm
as our love shares
your affection
on my heart
come find me on the
placid ocean
drifting with the rainbow
doldrums, hoping the soft
breath you might wield
will provide the wind
to fill our sails
and sees us forward
on our adventure

glb /// “rainbow wonderings”
originally published 03/09/2014