Good Dermatologist Report

The meeting with the dermatologist went very well.  I stripped down to my underwear, then the nurse walked in, awkward….. but he checked my whole body and didn’t even find one that needed to be removed or frozen or biopsied.  I talked to him about a persistent little patch of dry skin on my face, he gave me a prescription and we were done.  All told, fifteen minutes tops.  Now it’s time to go out and celebrate.  What shall I do?

1. A couple of weeks ago I took my car in to have the braking system flushed and have new wiper blades put on.  Neither of these are long procedures so I waited.  My “service consultant” came out and told me that when they were changing the wipers, they found that my washer pump was dead.  It was going to be about $220 to replace it.  Pump:  $20  Labor:  $200 (these are my estimates) 😉  It was so expensive because the pump is located under the fender and there are a lot of parts to remove and replace. I told him we would do it another time.  That doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun though…. it’s not like I’m going to drive around spraying washer fluid all over the place.
2. I need a new phone.  I’ve had my for over two years and parts are starting to fail.  It doesn’t vibrate any more so turning the ringer off is pointless, I’d just as well turn it off.  The battery life is horrid, it show a half charge only 3 hours into the day.  I know I could get a new battery somewhere but that would be $50-$60 I could put towards a new phone.  I can’t install any more apps.  I can’t even update the apps I have installed already.  It tells me that there isn’t any more room and when I try to uninstall apps I don’t use it tells me they are part of the Operating System and can’t be uninstalled.  It won’t even let me install or move apps to the SD chip.  It has been dropped a couple of time and has some cracks at the corners, luckily it hasn’t met the same watery toilet demise that my last phone did.
3. Coffee!!  Now that we have the Keurig coffee maker I use it 3-4 times a day.  Sometimes I make straight coffee and add some sugar free hazelnut creamer, mostly I make a 12 oz cafe mocha.  The drink consists of 40% Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa and 60% French Roast Dark Coffee or a variation on that where I replace the Hot Cocoa with %40 Cafe Mocha, for a stronger percentage of Coffee.  Sometimes, after dinner I make an iced Cafe Mocha.  Anyhow, I could treat myself to more coffee cartridges.

I’m just not sure what to do…..