constant something

constant something
is what i’m chasing
constant sun glaring off the cracked window
constant birds squeaking at each other
constant click of my fingers on these keys
constant hand on my hand, pulling me into life
constant hum of your breath, my favorite song
constant kisses under starlight, under the covers
constant you and me spending every moment together
constant something i can count on
constant something that makes me free
constant wish
constant hope
constant longing
constant grief
constant reality of what is
constantly me

glb /// “constant something”
originally published 03/10/2014

doomed to repeat it

i reach out to the light and the dark of you
prepared for any combination
you bring me flowers and dirt
screaming and whispering your devotion to me
i lap at the compliments
drawing strength from anything you care to leave
bones and seeds
from your past planting the future
words cry out i will end you so you can start anew
in the corner i lay spent as the light from the dawn creeps in
finding a beaten pulp eager for the switch again
it brings feeling where it has not been for endless time
i sway to your calling hoping you will raise your hand to me
and bring me home with you, where i truly belong

glb /// “doomed to repeat it”
originally published 09/09/2018

talk to me…

talk to me of soaring birds being
pulled skyward by whispers of string
flapping wings to pull them higher

bring me butterflies bouncing
around in some sacred, secret, dance
that only makes sense to them

clutch my hand in yours and pull it
close to your lips, your warm moist breath
sending shivers and twitches down to the
base of my spine

hold me firm as I stare deep into your eyes
feel the stutter and jump in the pit of my stomach
I have no wings or strings and I cannot
fly as high as you take me

spare me your siren’s song, i will follow you
to the the towering heights of forever
with the silent gesture of
your arms around my neck and an ever-so-soft kiss

glb /// “talk to me…”
originally published 07/30/2015

in the dark

when i fumble around
in the dark
my hands seek you,
my lover
my other
my constant,
no moment can go by
without some form of thanks
that you exist in my world
warm it
brighten it
make it whole,
a quiet spills over me
you are there,
pulling you toward me
the greatest part of longing
is the anticipation,
my love for you blossoms
in these moments,
my hand finds yours
inseparable in the moments
in the dark

glb /// “in the dark”
originally published 03/14/2017

do i want…

i don’t want to love you
“more than you will ever know” or
“beyond your wildest dreams”
i want you to dream it and wake up
and know that it is true

you see,

with you there is no other
“i don’t want”

because ever since that day
you turned to look back at me

man! do i want…

i want to be under an umbrella
at a little café in mons
and watch as the sun replaces
the shadows on your cheek

i want to listen intently
to every word you speak
as if i know i am going deaf
and i want your voice to be
the last sound i hear

i want to get embarrassed together
about something only we know
because the waitress mentioned the
deserts included baklava and cherries jubilee

i want to have a breathless flashback
every time i hear nine inch nails
and imagine you dancing naked
on the foot of the bed

with you there is no
“i don’t want”

because ever since that day
you smiled at me

damn! do i want…

i want to write an opera
about that spot at the
nape of your neck
and how i would spend the rest
of my days there if i could

i want to wake before dawn
and carry you
wrapped in a blanket
to the front porch so we can
watch the dew settle

i want to take your hand in mine
at the age of 95
and recall fondly
the woman that you were
and be thankful for the woman you are

i want to sit in the dark
experiencing that “comfortable silence”
knowing we don’t have to fill
the soundless void
just to be at ease with each other

with you there is no
“i don’t want”

because ever since that day
you became part of my life

god! do i want…

i want to learn the words
to every single one of
your favorite songs
so we can harmonize
in the shower

i want to be lost in the middle of nowhere
for days
and when they find me
i will refuse all food and drink
until i can be with you

i want to be the reason for
the sinfully sexy smirk on your face
the subject of
the remembering roll of your eyes

i don’t want to love you
“more than you will ever know” or
“beyond your wildest dreams”

i want you to dream it and wake up
and know that it is true

because with you there is no
“i don’t want”

and ever since that day
you stopped me in my tracks
i can’t help but want, and want, and want…

glb /// “do i want…” original