taking the plunge

let me put my arm around you
and take you to the edge
let me nuzzle in your hair and whisper
“you have nothing to fear”

the water is cold
“you’ll be safe sweet dear”
it will take away your breath
but leave all the rest

you cling to me, eyes fearful
heart tumbling in your chest
“don’t let me go, i love you.”
you pull me in so tight

there is no choice, you have to go
so i tip us over the ledge
and join you in the plummeting
toward the frigid depths

the fall lasts for eons
you grow old before my eyes
the scream abandoned in your throat
gives way to an icy stare

it happens suddenly
and breaks our stiff embrace
we fly apart abruptly

clamoring for your hand
i swim to regain your grip
you are farther from me
than i have bargained for

we surface separately
both head for the shore
i reach the banks before you
and offer you my hand

you brush me away in anger
in search of something warm
your lips a shade of purple
none have ever seen.

you swaddle in your blanket
and i snug in mine
i search for forgiveness
on your gorgeous loving face

there’s not a sign of giving in
i try every ploy i have
you are still so livid
i do not stand a chance

there is only one thing
that i could try right then
i pull the band out of my pocket
drop my blanket and one knee

your face transforms instantly
“you know i’m mad at you?”
i smile and hold out the ring
knowing i need not speak

“yes! yes! a billion times yes!”
you snatch the ring from my hand
we embrace tighter than ever
wet hair upon my face

“i know this is going to sound crazy”
you whisper in my ear
i push you back and watch your lips
“let’s go back up and do it again!”

glb /// “taking the plunge”
originally published 10/21/2013