You had it, you abused it
You took it and tore it and ripped it
Into pieces smaller than I can see
Now, I can’t hope to patch it back
Together, no twine, no tape, no glue
Is going to work and now there is
No way we are ever going to be able
To rebuild anything we ever had
Which of us should be more sorry?
You, because you broke it
Me, because it is gone

— GB

those words

those words sucked the air out of my lungs
I wanted to bang on your door and and hear it from your lips
but my destiny had already be laid out for me

those words can never be taken back
they left an everlasting scar
they are unforgivable

those words were said from a place of cowardice
from a place without trust
from a place without…

those words are now met with stoicism
they don’t cause any emotion at all
they make me wonder if I have made the right choice

— GB

it was

it was not a break-up
it was a break down
in the ability to
communicate fears
and expectations
it was walls built
where none should
exist where there
should only be
words of support
it was your jump
into the arms of
my trusted friend
it was slamming
my face into a
puddle of swirling
It was a symphony
of exposed nerves
when the secret
was discovered
it was a push-off
from a time filled
with pain and
it was the end
of the end

— GB