the complex story of the moose and the quiche

and i feel like what we have is
a combination of complex flavors
at an uptown italian restaurant
where breadcrumbs get swept
off the table and the wine is…

more complicated than quiche
with a moose on the i-95 in
northern florida, can we explain
this to the ones who don’t
understand where the moose
comes in because i don’t
think they really understand…

how what we have is complex
like moose and quiche is
if you’re in northern florida
(the moose is what makes it
so complex, because there aren’t
any moose in florida), never mind,
now the poem is self aware and
is never going to be able to
illustrate how complex we are…

like a hand full of meds, deciding
which to take now and
which to throw out because i am
really feeling so much better than
i did about an hour ago, and is
there some way you could help
me prop my heard up so i can
look you in the face when i
am taking these, please, thank you

glb /// “the complex story of the moose and the quiche”
originally published 02/07/2014