seeking guidance,
a way to break
this stasis

change for the sake of
forward momentum,
movement in any

yearning for
sparks of intuition
my path to the stars

— glb

you disappeared

you disappeared
I approached you and you were gone
I couldn’t believe how fast it happened
you disappeared
up the stairs and into the night
out of my heart and out to the stars
you disappeared
I wanted you to stay but you turned me away
there is more to you than I could ever know
you disappeared
I took your hand in mine and we walked on the sand
the water washed soft over our feet and you ran
you disappeared

— GB

catch on to

I want to reach out and catch on to something
red, black, green, blue… anything
that is going by
pulling me with it,
on to places
full of wonder
birds and lights
music and bright motorcycles
driving headlong into the night
filled with stars and the scent of moon flowers
all disappearing at the sign of first light
returning me to my perch when I will continue
my search for something to catch on to

— GB