the completed playlist…

I am feeling like the emptiness
of a completed playlist…

the realization that
nothing is coming next,
the silence pervades
and instead of choosing something
else to listen to,
I just sit and pay attention
to the vacancy,
ignoring the force inside me
wanting to immediately
start something up,
to fill the void,
I listen to my heart,
to my breathing,
to my weight in this world,
I notice everything else
and I find contentment
in my inaction,
because, though I haven’t
physically moved,
mountains have traveled
within me

— glb

words that make me better

when I turn you on
there’s this sensation
of the world unfolding
before my senses
I am discovering pieces
of me that emerge with
your casual turn of phrase
my heart drops into my
stomach and you reel it
back into place with a
well-placed lyric that
spins my mind through
delicious iterations that
feed my soul on melodic
stanzas grabbing me and
making me feel the
intention so deeply it makes
a fundamental change in
my being, your words
crush me then build me
back up and I am better
for it, so much better than
I have even been,
so thank you for your words
and your presence in my
life and your ability to
bring tears to my eyes
with the amazing songs
you write

— GB