Please Tell Me

His vision faltered
He couldn’t see through
The tears in his eyes
He was on his knees
At a makeshift altar
Praying for the first
Time in his life

“Please tell me,
why did you take her
and leave me to carry
on this wretched life
I am left.  This was not
a just decision. I cast
you out of my life forever!!”

There he lay at the
Foot of his salvation
Eyes closed, hoping for
A vision to show him
Which path to take

Desperation is trying
His soul, all he wants
Is to be with her
There is no solution that
Will not hurt someone

— GB

In My Mind

I take things out on you in my mind
You don’t deserve it, but I do it anyway
It’s the only space big enough to
Get out what I need to
At the same time keeping my rage
and sorrow and anger and sadness
and disappointment out of sight
Away from the prying eyes of the world
Keeping you close to me where you
Should have been

— GB

You Are Gone From Me

I hold my head in my hands
I have been crying for so long
I can’t cry anymore
Everything is dry
I can’t even shout out my
Anger and my sorrow
I came running to where I
Thought you would be
But the bed was empty
You were gone from me
Faster than I expected
I had left you sooner
Than I should have

Now, I will never look
Into those wonderful
Blue eyes of yours
Nor hold you hand to
My lips and feel the
Life coursing through it

I will never kiss your lips
Or say “I Love You”
Ever again

You are gone from me

— GB