alarms going off

hand through the wall
alarms going off
neighbor at the door
alarms going off

I need to see you now
alarms going off
can you make it tonight
alarms going off

turn the tv up louder
alarms going off
no screams can be heard
alarms going off

men with guns breach the perimeter
alarms going off
my pistol at the ready
alarms going off

awesome! sudden silence
no feeling in my limbs
a needle in my arm
no one recognizable around

no alarms

exhausted I sleep and sleep
this is a safe place
these people want to help me
promise to let me see you soon

— GB

soft and cool

pillow lays soft and cool
waiting for a touch,
head cradled seeking
sleep, wishful dreams,
lovely ghosts that become
real for a time, stirring comes
too soon, this story
has not reached the
end, toss and turn
trying to hold on to
the edge of sleep,
waking, pillow takes a
punch as the dream
evaporates, it will be
waiting here again
tomorrow, soft and cool

— GB

wake up

wake up to the
deep midnight
breathing softly
exhaling steams
up the window
separating cold
and dark from
warm and bright
snuggle up and
douse the light
turn your face
into the pillow
drift off to the
place of dreams

wake up to the
blue with white
puffy clouds
dangling lazily
with a tossing
and turning eye
pillow thrown
over head
scratching and
grasping for
just a few
minutes more

— GB


A simple golden sheen
Comes off of you
When the light is right

I lay my head on
Your side
And stroke your
Cool surface

Lulling me to sleep
Making slumber

Thrashing in the
Middle of the night
I twist you and turn you
And scrunch you
Into the void

By morning
You are as
Out of shape
As I am
Sheets wrapped
Around us
It’s as if we
Never slept

Somehow you are
Still as cool as ever
That’s why I
Love you

— GB

Untitled # 117

When I finally fall to the mattress
I am empty

There is no company
In the turbulent night
And the tears form too quickly

Sleep pounds me
Driving me further
Into the darkness

When the sun rises
My head is screaming at me
Trying to convince me
To come up with some relief

I am cracking open
Spilling onto the pillow
Staining the mattress
Through the sheet

I am becoming one
With the infinite
For a brief time

I don’t know which
Direction the world
Is spinning
It feels like it is
Going backwards
But I am laying still

— GB