it weighs on me

it weighs on me,
one million little pounds,
rake me across the coals
for seven empty minutes…

birthed again,
crashing into the world
literally less
than i was

even after all i’ve said,
and done,
i cry into the night

fill me in
make me whole,
let me stop
the constant search

put your hand on me,
trace my scars,
fill me up
with endless possibilities

shadowed potential
only reveals itself
when stumbling backwards
into my awakening

— glb

true victory

everything I see is false
a cruel joke to somebody
I am not who I try so very
hard to convince myself
I am, it wants me to believe
so much, it allows me to
question it, it doesn’t even
stop me from trying to
make it crumble, if I
succeed in proving that
all is false, I will have
bought myself a nice little
victory, I will have proven
that this little game is
exactly that and I will
have won and it will have
to slink out into a
corner far away and
in my victory I will be
left with……….

— GB