when is later

we assumed that
what we needed
was what we had,
we built ourselves
from our familiarities

it was so easy
we knew each other
we knew what were doing

so many years
gone by,

without a scratch?

but we knew there were other,

things brushed over
things talked around
things set aside,
until later,

when is later?

glb /// “when is later?”
originally published 12/01/2017


use your voice
use your words
go everywhere
you ever want to go

take me there
show me what
i have been missing
through the strains
of your prose

use your rock
use your soul
create a new universe
don’t be afraid to go

pull me into you
show me the heartbeat
of your sun
let me feel
your dark attraction
fill my skies with
sparks and stars

make me yours
and i will be
without question

glb /// “speak”
originally published 03/21/2018

untitled #601

if anyone knows my name
when my days are done
i hope it is you,
you’re the one that means
the most to me

when my time comes
let me put my hand in yours
let me put my head on your chest
and let me hear your strong heartbeat
as i take my last breath
and sigh your name one last time

glb /// “untitled #601”
originally published 09/02/2018