this night

i have spent this night,
some hours worth,
touching old words
brought new through
the passage of time,
hoping they will be met
as golden gifts
meant to move the mind
and the heart

i have spent this night,
mourning to the point
of exhaustion,
communing with buried
souls, since removed
from my reach,
longing for a soft touch

i have spent this night,
falling in love with the dark,
sobs turned to laughter,
echoing through my

i have spent this night,
practicing smiling into the mirror,
wincing at the horrible countenance
staring back at me

glb /// “this night”
originally published 05/26/2019

so few words after such a long time

so few words after such a long time
my closest confidant
my brother in
bubble… you know the rest
road trips and roller-coasters
hot sweaty nights
dropping heavy beats
grabbing at the base of our skulls
we both wanted
and so did she
that did not split us
but pulled our beings tighter
we three making promises
with every good intention

time sped up
compressing our souls
torn apart and decimated

silence slowly eroded
like water over stone
after a millineum
we are scatterd
by a harsh wind,
quiet words whispered
into the hot velvet night

your words…… words
wander in
so matter-of-fact
as if you belong here
as if I had kept a space here

after-all we were inseparable

when I come to the edge
of the ravine you once
i am disgusted by my choices,
do I fill it in
and run away
leaving that spot for
something else
dive headlong into
the abyss
that was created
by two complicated men
with a simple love
for one woman

glb /// “so few words after such a long time”
originally published 01/06/2016

untitled #512

i carry a lot around
with me
more than i need to
a hell of a lot
more than i should

i want it all to be
right at the surface
where it can be accessed
without any
rummaging around
without the chance of
missing the moment

constantly ready for
something to happen
it rarely does
i carry my load around
with me
the weight of it
pulling me down
dulling my senses

until i could no more
jump at a chance
than i could
win a marathon

i sit and i
look at where i am
and i simply ask

glb /// “untitled #512”
originally published 05/29/2015


I always meant to do that
but I am just me and it
is such a big undertaking
there is no way I can
accomplish it now, maybe
maybe I could have been
more, back then, maybe
I could have been something
instead of what I am, which
is still something, I guess,
but it is less than what I
was, you know, before

glb /// “before”
originally published 03/14/2014