closed eyes

light in my closed eyes feels red
brings words pushing through my lips
yelling at the light to stop shining
I can’t get you off of my taste buds
you enchant the word with your every move
abracadabra I wanna reach out and
spin you around until stardust flies
out of your eyes and onto my table
where I can write your name then
puff it away to fly out to the universe
where the sun will never stop shining
and your radiance will never stop
making my closed eyes feel red

— GB

why do I try?

change to go red
maybe yellow
maybe grass
I thought you
were going to
come here, are
we meeting her

I wish I was someone
else, I wish I was
him spending my
time with you
over the weekend
filled with fires and
tide-pools of fish

skies turn red from
blue then black, now
that you’re his, you’re
never coming back
to me
why do I try?

— GB