this night

i have spent this night,
some hours worth,
touching old words
brought new through
the passage of time,
hoping they will be met
as golden gifts
meant to move the mind
and the heart

i have spent this night,
mourning to the point
of exhaustion,
communing with buried
souls, since removed
from my reach,
longing for a soft touch

i have spent this night,
falling in love with the dark,
sobs turned to laughter,
echoing through my

i have spent this night,
practicing smiling into the mirror,
wincing at the horrible countenance
staring back at me

glb /// “this night”
originally published 05/26/2019

4/4 time

i sing these old songs
as if you will hear them
as if you will understand
i am singing them for you

how am i supposed to
expect anything else
i have been putting myself
into song since
the beginning of 4/4 time

glb /// “4/4 time” original

ask me how i am

ask me how i am
look at my face
stare into my eyes
put your lips on mine
feel desire pulsing

ask me how i am
slip under the covers
wrap your arms around my chest
put your palm over my heart
notice how quickly it beats at your touch

ask me how i am
trace your finger over my scar
feel the soft new skin
find how close the bone is to the surface

ask me how i am
wipe the tear from my cheek
when i realize you aren’t real

ask me how i am

glb /// “ask me how i am” original