one of me

you are one of me
and i am the other one
no matter where we are
walking this great earth
no matter how near or
how far there is
a connection that
shall never be severed
for you are one of me
and i am the other



seeking guidance,
a way to break
this stasis

change for the sake of
forward momentum,
movement in any

yearning for
sparks of intuition
my path to the stars

— glb


As grand as you thought it was
Is as grand as it is
Everything is larger than life
To prove how mighty the Russians are
Take your breath away at every turn
Spires kiss the sky above dark bricks
Dubbed beautiful where Lenin slumbers
New brides and grooms pay respects
At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
At the GUM the latest fashions are
On display, this is a place of new
As well as old, the whole city is
A study of the future intersecting
With the world of the past

— GB