i try so hard to push you
to the back of my mind
where i might not notice you
as much,
where you won’t trip me up,
but every turn,
page or corner,
brings you to the front
where i have to read the words
or see your shape in shadows,
you are in everything,
fleeting glimpse,
lines on the page,
sweet sweet memory of
your taste on my tongue,
perfume on my collar,
i can’t get enough of

— glb

Second Chances

Where are the second chances
I was promised I would get
My supposed opportunities
To become what I might have been

Were they eaten up by the poets
and singers who said they didn’t exist
Show me the one with the
Cruel trick on their lips

Show them to me and I will
Prove that my second chance
Was a promise fulfilled
That the trick was on them

I have become a great and storied warrior
With necklaces of skulls
Wrapped around my neck
Bring them to me and I’ll add
Others to my adornment

— GB