Untitled #511

my hands cupping
your tear drenched face,
you will not let loose
of the bright blue balloon
filled with platitudes,
you have always been
the bearer of passion,
and hate,
cruel daylight
the mirror opposite
of mesmerizing night

shock resonating through
my head when I learn
I am never going to
see you again,
deep sorrow exploding
through my heart
because I know why,
I know your excuse
is me


Dammit… 100Words!

Our bodies slick with sweat
My hot breath on your neck
My hand on your thigh
It moves up, you release a sigh
So many things I want to do
But it all depends upon you
You push me back then to the floor
And you head for the door
I can’t believe it I’m in shock
You slyly smile and turn the lock
Back on the bed I’m at your command
You reach down and take my hand
You rub it here, you rub it there
Up your neck now I grab your hair
Then we hump like animals

— GB

Bipolar Dream

I don’t want to be lucky
I don’t want the big prizes
The silly balloons falling
Or even the gigantic check

Instead I want anonymity
To be overlooked
A number five on the chart
Medium in the world of EXTAR-LARGE

I would rather go about my day
Move along, “nothing to see here”
Feel happy, but just happy enough

I can
Pay my bills on time
Have a little left over “for me”
Once a week take a cab instead of the bus

So don’t expect much
You get what you see
I’m ordinary wrapped
In a plain brown bag

I’ll just sit here on the couch
Watching re-runs of CSI
Waiting for my 11 o’clock
Bed time

There’s nothing remarkable about
The things that I do
The music I like
The books that I read

— GB

Detritus – Continued

What was it like that night
You chose to spend with me
For me it was simply magic
My arms snug around you

You swept out the detritus
That was rattling ’round in me
There’s nothing like the feeling
Of having a clean slate

I woke to find my arms empty
My mind filling up with
Disassociated fragments
Were you ever even here?

Then the jangle started to jumble
Lost my balance as I reached for you
My grab found no purchase
Laying sobbing on the floor

— GB

More of the Dialogue

Friend in Exile

My friend in exile
My fellow desert dweller
We pass occasionally
Briefly exchanging
Little gifts of
Thoughts and feelings
Scooping them up
Collecting them
As fuel for our journey
They are not a burden to us
But of incredible value
In our voyage
The time is drawing near
When our paths won’t cross
For quite some time
These little gifts will
Keep us going
Until the desert sees fit
To bring us together again


— GB