Something Different

Something new. I’m re-imagining how I treat my words, old and new. I’m going to be imaging my poetry and posting them to Instagram. I’m starting with some older stuff that originally appeared here and adding new items as the come up. I’m planning on putting the images here are well, but I could use the likes and follows over on Instagram.

So, if it pleases you I can be found at:Β

Hope everyone enjoys…



empty silences

Let us fill the empty silences
With words of hope and wonder
With wishes for peace and laughter
With words of learning and wisdom
With deeds of hand-holding and kissing
With words of truth and trust
With feelings of empathy and gratitude
With promises of devotion and love
If we can put forth these things
We can make our way in this world


love and bliss

she was sitting quietly on the porch
going through her emotions
flipping them into the yard
one by one
being caught by the spring breeze
they lazily float away
until she gets to
love and bliss
she can’t shake them off
they won’t even separate
from each other
then he walks through the gate
they jump out of her hand
and immediately stick to him


our music

sing me songs of
light through the pines,
couples holding hands,
big billowing clouds

play my soul
like an instrument of love,
push me down a trill
jump on my staccato

hum sweet melodies
into my ear and fill the
quiet ebbs with flows
of kisses from
your sweet mouth

wind up my music box heart,
lay your head on my chest
and listen as it strums out
songs of our love


she is of light

she is of light
cutting through dark
her candles throwing
color into the night

she is of light
shining into your soul
bringing life to parts
you had thought forgotten

she is of light
bringing the entire world awake
enduring day after day

she is of light
she stops you
she directs you
she brings you home

she is of light
painting pictures on glass
erasing shadows from your path

she is of light
and light is of her
it shines from her eyes
it sets her skin aglow
it warms you
bringing comfort and hope



when the beam of sunlight
cracks my eyelid
i immediately search for you
you are my path to morning

there’s a ghost of you
floating before my eyes
reaching out
i come away wanting

i am in love with
the ephemeral you
and i am longing for
the flesh and blood

i am craving something
actual to touch
and hold