compressions cease,
pain bleeds out in
a relief I would
never have known
possible to feel

breathe out in one
enormous rush,
quiet reigns for
as long as it takes
to realize it is time
to fight

there is still enough
light in my eyes to
communicate that

in a constant crush
teasing life back
into me,
tenuous at first,
growing more

that’s what I am
seeking, now that
I have seen nothing,

— GB

wings on fire

when you walked in with your wings on fire
all the air went out of the room
you seemed so relevant in your hot blue flames
no one could protest your presence

the meaning you thought you brought
with your flourishes and flair
was devoid of significance

I was in awe of you then, when we first met,
you held my attention as easily as my hand,
but then you took it and cracked it and
smashed it and now it isn’t there
for anyone else

I lay broken and gasping for the permanence
you offered, then promised, then dangled
like a prize, without a trick to be performed,
you knew I would have done anything, just
as well as you knew you were going to do nothing

— GB

Glimpse of Smoke

you’re there and not
a glimpse of smoke
hides you in sight

return to where
you don’t exist
my eyes deceive
me of your presence

flash of neurons
twitch out of view
as soon as I see
you’re not there

light draws scrutiny
lost right away
one bat of the eye
you fly astray

vanish appear vanish
destabilize my vision
empty space once
occupied craves permanence

— GB