from an old dark place

pounded into the carpet
sobbing and cringing
i can’t breathe
this is where
i come apart
i am disintegrating
i can’t utter a sound
this is where
i lose everything
i am going away
for a very long time

— glb

it weighs on me

it weighs on me,
one million little pounds,
rake me across the coals
for seven empty minutes…

birthed again,
crashing into the world
literally less
than i was

even after all i’ve said,
and done,
i cry into the night

fill me in
make me whole,
let me stop
the constant search

put your hand on me,
trace my scars,
fill me up
with endless possibilities

shadowed potential
only reveals itself
when stumbling backwards
into my awakening

— glb

one of me

you are one of me
and i am the other one
no matter where we are
walking this great earth
no matter how near or
how far there is
a connection that
shall never be severed
for you are one of me
and i am the other


my own truth

if I could only saw apart
this dream I have of you
I would be able to get at
the gooey sweet and sour
center that might explain
what happened to us

it cannot ever be taken back
it only hangs on in fragments
as I move forward
I never remember
the whole story
all at the same time

where is the secret
super-glue that can bind
my mind to the reality
that it will not see

the pieces of my past
are hurled at me,
I dodge and weave
wanting to know everything
but only accepting my own truth

— GB