that was back when we were young
back when everything was starting
nothing was ending
back when we didn’t know or really care
where we were going but we couldn’t
wait until we got there
back then, we found each other
on a steamy florida night
a night that proved to be the beginning
of something that has lasted a long time
at least it has for me…

a lot of things keep moving when you have
put your life on hold, and moving on is
the hardest part of this thing to deal with

glb /// “something?”
originally published 05/24/2014

a story to tell

when we met there was
simply no way we would
ever be apart again, we
did everything together
and held hands and kissed
like every moment was
the end of the world

we walk down by the
river where the water
is too low and we’re
arm in arm and your
head rests on my
shoulder, I lean down
to drop a kiss on your
cheek and your turn
your head so our lips
meet and you taste
like first light and
morning dew, I stop
because my knees
are weak and I
believe you have just
swept me off my feet,
it is confirmed right
then and there, I never
want to be without you
again, so hug me and
kiss me and tell me
fantastic stories about
people finding each other
and know that one day
we’ll be able to tell
those same stories
about ourselves

glb /// “a story to tell”
originally published 02/20/2014