the completed playlist

i am feeling like the emptiness
of a completed playlist…

the realization that
nothing is coming next,
the silence pervades
and instead of choosing something
else to listen to,
i just sit and pay attention
to the vacancy,
ignoring the force inside me
wanting to immediately
start something up,
to fill the void,
instead, i listen to my heart,
to my breathing,
to my weight in this world,
instead, i notice everything else
and i find contentment
in my inaction,
because, though i haven’t
physically moved,
mountains have traveled
within me

glb /// “the completed playlist”
originally published 01.14.2019

experience it

bring me that beat you’ve been hiding
in those turntable stacks
pound it into my skull
and pull it out my sternum

now launch that melody
let it soar up through the lights
and down into my pliable brain
watch it weave its way
around my synapses
as they fire to your will

you have control over
everything Master DJ
flip my world inside out
make it bend and burn
and end only to be brought
back with a rocket full
of searing chords until…

i am spent, gelatinous,
in danger of being trampled
or mopped up as the club
empties, eager for the end
of the next week to come
back and experience it
all again

glb /// “experience it”
originally published 03/21/2014

balls of light

not many days have gone by
since I last thought of you,
stars form spheres
in the desert tonight,
all I can think of is
Coachella, PVD, Radiohead,
Pixies, Ferry Corsten and
The Cure, I wish, don’t I

come back to me, we’ll
do it again and the desert
will welcome us with
balls of light and sonic
pulses rearranging our
senses, making us burn
to be together

glb /// “balls of light”
originally published 01/24/2014


all the words
i have in me
to tell the world
about you

to string together
in brilliant crescendoes
the symphony
of us

light falling
through mist
colors running
on your upturned
what a masterpiece
you are to me

flying into
infinite night
as enduring
as we are

infinite dreams
built on
abiding love
and you will have only
scratched the surface
of everything
we can be

glb /// “imagine”
originally published 12/20/2017

door 521

one flight up and through
door 521 is the first real
home where i lived
alone, my life solitary,
not lonely, full of life,
full of music and light.

a place, where i learned
things, about life, about
love, about death and
mortality, about the
nature of being human,
about human nature,
i learned about how
to be a friend, and how
to deal with betrayal,

i learned about music,
about sex, i learned
to appreciate the sound
of freedom, even in
the middle of a migraine

i learned how to write,
how to get deep down
inside and express the
deepest and the darkest

i learned how to escape
into myself, i learned what
depression really is

but most of all, wrapping
all these things and more
together i learned
what it is to be me

glb /// “door 521”
originally published 01/17/2014

blue – green – yellow – red

blue – green – yellow – red

the pill on my tongue
chalky and bitter
stuck in my throat
chased down with
a warm swig of beer

waiting for peace
to overcome me
to enfold me
to peel back
the top of my head
and say
“this is where the pain is”

blue – green – yellow – red
all the wholes converge
there are sounds in my silence
stealing the last vestige i had
the place where i knew you
the place where i felt safe inside me

lament not for my
past suffering,
it is not yours
or of your doing,
lay back with me
on the dew drenched grass
we will watch the universe breathe
blue – green – yellow- red

colors dance inside you
exotic combinations
at your lips
leave a trail many many
years long
speaking of enduring love
in rainbows that never end

blue – green – yellow – red

glb /// “blue – green – yellow – red”
originally published 03/08/2017