rainbow wonderings

the boat on the beach
painted in a rainbow hurricane
can take us anywhere
we want to be
but you’re not here
on this solitude of sand
and the rainbow is wasted
on everything I imagined
for the two of us
I pull it into the waves
and raise the sail
as the wind is caught
my heart billows
cresting the final roller
the sea becomes calm
as our love shares
your affection
on my heart
come find me on the
placid ocean
drifting with the rainbow
doldrums, hoping the soft
breath you might wield
will provide the wind
to fill our sails
and sees us forward
on our adventure

glb /// “rainbow wonderings”
originally published 03/09/2014

errant lines

take all of my errant lines
take all of my stops
and stuttering starts
take all of my misplaced words
and every one of my
malformed metaphors
my slipping similes
take all of that and more
put it in a sack and throw
it in a river, dash it against
a rock, drop it from a plane,
apply whatever violent act
you deem appropriate
to assure they are never
read again

glb /// “errant lines”
originally published 01/12/2014