Just as Beautiful

I leaned back in my chair
I closed my eyes and
I saw
Each moment,
From the time that we met
Until the time that you
Walked away,

When we first met
When we first slept together
Every time after that…

That time we quit,
Then spent all night on the phone
Making up and
We would never quit again

I saw you one evening,
You took me to dinner
To tell me that you were sick,
Then I cried the entire drive home,

I see all of these moments and more,
From the depths of my memory,
Memories that have not been taken,
Memories I am thankful for,

As painful as some of them are,
There are so many more that are
Just as beautiful

— GB

An Old Pain

It is after one and
The lights are low
Even the crickets and
The frogs have
Gone to sleep

There’s a book on
The pillow
Begging me to
Crack its spine
So I can get lost
In it
For a while

But I can’t turn away
These thoughts of you
Haunt me in little ways
Almost every night

I let you in
To preserve you
In my heart and my head

It would be worse if I
Ever lost any part of you
So I endure these
Repeated points of pain

I wrap my arms around me
Pretending you are in
My embrace
A quiet tear slips down
My cheek
Remembering you are not
Actually here

It is just an old pain I
Choose to inflict
Upon myself

— GB

ghosts of memories

ghosts of memories
creep into my brain
disrupting turning
wheels, inviting
other wraiths of
to invade my
going nowhere
against my walls
too high to scale
too thick to breach
not a crack to slither

ghost of memories
challenge my mind
asking of their
existence, shall
they remain ghosts
or may the become
reality, affecting
more minds than mine

memories of ghosts
that used to haunt
my mind, come
crashing in on me
for another time around,
serving as a reminder
of things that went before

ghosts and memories
co-mingle, obscuring
all that is and used to be,
questions sought,
inquiries unanswered,
from the fog,
neither wrong, nor right

my mind welcomes the
blank night, quiet now
answering none,
the ghosts and memories
satisfied that their work
is done, and done well,
there are no more
queries this night

— GB