untitled 1028

i’m feeling twilight
my arms and legs
feel heavy
yet they are floating
on translucent blue air

i’m feeling midnight
all weight is gone
i am soaring through
the black star speckled sky
searching for you
on your nightly flight

i’m feeling daybreak
measuring my night
in terms of time spent
with you across the universe
in search of sunrise
you’re here next to me
dreaming with a
smile on your face

glb /// “untitled 1028”
going-sideways.com original

a love game

when my heart slows
to a dangerous


i can feel you sitting
on my chest
pushing the life out
of me

for your amusement

that is all i ever was to you,
a willing plaything

now you are gone
and i crave the pressure
i long for you
killing me

glb /// “a love game”
originally published 04/10/2014

you can’t erase me

you can’t erase me
I am a genuine article
of clothing pulled on
against the cold that
freezes the streets
and trees that keeps
us away from each
other for so long we
believe that we don’t
exist but that is not
your way out of this
because I am right
here a few miles
away which feels like
forever since I’ve
seen you though
I know it’s only
been a few days

glb /// “you can’t erase me”
originally published 02/13/2014

every morning since…

there’s a slight bump
i reach out to you
and the bed is empty
warm where you were
with a vague scent of
your perfume

i slumber on your side
i don’t want you to
return to cold sheets
i don’t sleep very
well when you’re
not in bed with me

sunrise is seconds
away and you have
not returned to join
me, where have you

this happens every
morning since…

glb /// “every morning since…”
originally published 02/09/2014

i am missing you

i am missing you
and your coffee-caramel-sea salt kisses
waking me on Sunday mornings

i am missing you
and tonight is especially
bad for no good reason

i am missing you
because things are happening
and i just want to be with you

i am missing you
I want to share everything
with you, I want you

glb /// “i am missing you”
originally published 09/08/2018