I melt

and there’s the way I melt
when the sun crosses your
face, glitters in your eyes
and warms your lips, so
ready for me to kiss you
back from that daydream
of whatever and wherever
you go when you get that
look like nothing else in the
world could possibly matter,
I hate to take you away from
that but I kiss you anyway,
so I can hopefully share that
place with you for a few moments

— GB

Forever Kisses

I am limp and unresponsive
Until you touch me
Your hand on my cheek
Equals life
Your breath
My first in…

Forever kisses me
Back into a world
That I forgot
That I had not
Could exist

For me
With your sweet
Face in it
That keeps my
Heart Beating
That brings
Tears to my eyes

The Words
I Love You
To my lips

— GB