you must have known

you must have known
it would be the last
since you didn’t care
if we were found out

on the curb, in the middle
of everything,
you reached up and
you kissed me, full on

taken by surprise,
it stole my breath,
lucky you were there
to freshen me

just like that,
I was all in,

you were more intense
giving all you had
to this amazing kiss,
you must have known

— GB

The Light From Your Eyes

I don’t want to ever forget
Your face in my hands as
You look up into my eyes
Right before I kiss you
I ache at the touch
Of your lips
They are so sweet but
I just want to pull away
So I can look into your
Radiant eyes and watch
Your tongue dart out in
Preparation for another
Somehow that memory
Is always with me
Like it happened mere
Seconds ago
Though it was lifetimes
I can still feel the light
From your eyes

— GB

I melt

and there’s the way I melt
when the sun crosses your
face, glitters in your eyes
and warms your lips, so
ready for me to kiss you
back from that daydream
of whatever and wherever
you go when you get that
look like nothing else in the
world could possibly matter,
I hate to take you away from
that but I kiss you anyway,
so I can hopefully share that
place with you for a few moments

— GB


my fingers laced behind your neck
I pull you to me for that passionate
kiss we had talked and dreamed about
but you pushed that dream away
and I must have looked like a fool

you ran and I followed
this was a game I could play
you’d be in trouble when I caught you
but there were other plans in your mind

slapping your window as you started
your car and then sped down the
street, I was embarrassed that I
still held my pucker

— GB

a wedding song (non-traditional)

like honey dripped from a cherry
to your tongue you bring a
sweetness to the world that I
have never tasted before

you twist and turn with every
drip of lust wrenched from
your lips as you spin like a
dervish in celebration and
anticipation of our nuptials

come here to me and let
me lift the veil, we know
better than the flowing
pearlescent frock you wear,
which we will enforce
as soon as I can get you alone

for now we’ll tow the
traditional line, if I can keep
myself away, on this altar,
vows said, you have kissed
me to attention and I am
prepared to march on
that alabaster keep

— GB