wake up

wake up to the
deep midnight
breathing softly
exhaling steams
up the window
separating cold
and dark from
warm and bright
snuggle up and
douse the light
turn your face
into the pillow
drift off to the
place of dreams

wake up to the
blue with white
puffy clouds
dangling lazily
with a tossing
and turning eye
pillow thrown
over head
scratching and
grasping for
just a few
minutes more

— GB

My Place

there’s a place I go
where all is peaceful
and quiet
where no elements of
the outside world
where I can meditate
and marinate
where I can just be
by myself
for a little while
where I beat myself up
where I dress myself down
where I do unnecessary
damage to my self
where I am my own
best friend and
worst enemy
when I convince
myself of this
I can come out and
be part of the world

— GB