I Love You/Thank You

to hear the words come
out of your mouth
was the best thing
that I could ever experience

nouns and verbs flowed
over me like the softest
of streams, holding me,
encouraging me,
loving me with every syllable

what an amazing gift
you gave me
soothing me in your greatest
hour of need
when it should have been
me reassuring you

I Love You
Thank You

— GB

Show, Know

When we said “I Love You”
We didn’t know what we were
Talking about
We hadn’t been through the
Types of things that build love
The gut wrenching, heart tearing
Life balancing, pull you apart
Tear you down, build you back up
Stay together
No Matter What
That prove we can endure,
The small things
That show what love is

When we said “I Love You”
We were making a promise
That we would be there
No matter what happens
Without that promise
We would be unable
To endure,
To know what love is

— GB

I Love You Again

I love you again

What I mean is

You have reminded
Me again just why
I love you the way
I do

I can’t say it here
Because it is
Something that
You and I share
And by letting the
Whole world in
On it we would
Kill it before it
Even gets a chance
To flower and
Grown into
Something that
We could call


So for now, please
Just be content
To receive a kiss
And hear me say

I love you, again

— GB