empty silences

let us fill the empty silences
with words of hope and wonder
with wishes for peace and laughter
with words of learning and wisdom
with deeds of hand-holding and kissing
with words of truth and trust
with feelings of empathy and gratitude
with promises of devotion and love
if we can put forth these things
we can make our way in this world
glb /// “empty silences”

state of healing

i am in a constant state of healing
which means
i am in a constant state of learning
what’s good for me
what’s bad for me
who can take me from where i am
to where i need to be
who can help me define 
what i need to be

which means
the road ahead will be bumpy
i will need resilience
i will need loyalty
i will need bravery

which means
i need some healing
some way to sooth me
a place to go when i’m empty
a place that sustains my soul

which means
i need someone that will
challenge me
learn with me
grow with me

glb /// “state of healing”

this night

i have spent this night,
some hours worth,
touching old words
brought new through
the passage of time,
hoping they will be met
as golden gifts
meant to move the mind
and the heart

i have spent this night,
mourning to the point
of exhaustion,
communing with buried
souls, since removed
from my reach,
longing for a soft touch

i have spent this night,
falling in love with the dark,
sobs turned to laughter,
echoing through my

i have spent this night,
practicing smiling into the mirror,
wincing at the horrible countenance
staring back at me

glb /// “this night”
originally published 05/26/2019

catch on to

i want to reach out and catch on to something
red, black, green, blue… anything
that is going by
pulling me with it,
on to places
full of wonder
birds and lights
music and bright motorcycles
driving headlong into the night
filled with stars and the scent of moon flowers
all disappearing at the sign of first light
returning me to my perch when i will continue
my search for something to catch on to

glb /// “catch on to”
originally published 02/24/2014

first blush

i don’t remember the exact moment
though i can recall the feeling
when you came into my life and changed it forever
there were fireworks
distant peals of thunder
sparks flew wildly
to illuminate your beautiful face
stars fell from the sky
and twinkled in your eyes

that feeling is with me still
whenever i think of you,
especially now that
you are in my life again,
it comes straight from my soul
from where you left your mark
so many years ago

i have carried you around with me
for such a long time now
that you are a permanent
part of me
which is why we fit together
so naturally
so instinctively
so perfectly

so, that moment
all those years ago
even though that memory
is not as clear as i’d like
i still have
to show me the way
back to you

glb /// “first blush”
going-sideways.com original


there’s a moment
there’s a hue
there’s a shadow
there’s a bright
too bright
to observe, directly

in that moment
fleeting feelings
wraiths of blue
scatterings of yellow
drops of laughter
rivers of lust

that moment remains,
i shudder when i try
recognition slips away
arms empty

i kneel in my own
asking only for a sign,
finding vacancy
after vacancy
moment fleeting

for the longest
my heart hurts
like my head,
wrapped in velvet
ripping and comforting
all at once

a moment will bring
like i imagine
having been lost
to so many
silent blows

for a moment
the parking lot
for a car
it’s all so much
background noise
spinning me
to the ground
interring me

ending that moment

unprepared for the next

glb /// “moment”
originally published 12/27/2017

in every being

in every being…

lines and riddles
cries and giggles

slip quickly from hands
that do not know
what they are missing

soft winds
through the leaves,
kissing chimes
crystals sparkle,
whispering tiny songs
of hope
that expand with every breath
into gales strong enough
to embrace the world,
quiet enough to
reveal the sounds
of the autumn sky

glb /// “in every being”
originally published 03/24/2017