infinite blank pages

infinite blank pages hold

i imagine all
i could write
for you

the possibility
held in all
the open space

still not coming close
for what i mean
to say to you

— glb

I crave

I crave new space,
the ability to unpack
my head,
my heart,
my soul,
into a place
no one has
ever lived

I crave a place
without memories

I crave
boxes full of me
piled in the
middle of the room,
my life’s story
pouring out
to meet
someplace original

I crave
my own noise
my own solitude
my own company
my own first times

— glb

state of healing

I am in a constant state of healing
which means
I am in a constant state of learning
what’s good for me
what’s bad for me
who can take me from where I am
to where I need to be
who can help me define
what I need to be

which means
the road ahead will be bumpy
I will need resiliency
I will need loyalty
I will need bravery

which means
I need some healing
some way to sooth me
a place to go when I’m empty
a place that sustains my soul

which means
I need someone that will
challenge me
learn with me
grow with me

— glb

Gooey Stuff

Black-red gooey stuff
Seeps from under the

Thick and sticky it adheres
To my finger as I push
And pull at the scabs

They don’t hurt
Unless I go too deep
It’s more of a tingling
The a burn and itch

Oh how I wish I could
Scratch it
It would be such a divine feeling

It will all be gone
Soon enough
I will have healed

No more black-red
Gooey stuff
No more burn and itch

I will be left with
Nothing to play with
Nothing to complain about

Nothing but a hideous scar
That will be with me
The rest of my life

— GB