sleepless 1 of 4

i can feel you hiding there
on the corner of the bed
with your knifelike incisors
dripping to sink yourself
into my flesh
into my night
disrupting my dreams
waiting until i’m
comfortable with the
covers and pillows
before you are ready
to do your dirty work
i can hear you there
beginning your tiny moan
at the back of my throat
that will turn into a whimper
then a sob
as you have your way with me and
i spend another few hours
tossing and turning and
ruining the rest of my day
before it even gets started

glb /// “sleepless 1”
originally published 04/04/2006

a love game

when my heart slows
to a dangerous


i can feel you sitting
on my chest
pushing the life out
of me

for your amusement

that is all i ever was to you,
a willing plaything

now you are gone
and i crave the pressure
i long for you
killing me

glb /// “a love game”
originally published 04/10/2014