state of healing

i am in a constant state of healing
which means
i am in a constant state of learning
what’s good for me
what’s bad for me
who can take me from where i am
to where i need to be
who can help me define 
what i need to be

which means
the road ahead will be bumpy
i will need resilience
i will need loyalty
i will need bravery

which means
i need some healing
some way to sooth me
a place to go when i’m empty
a place that sustains my soul

which means
i need someone that will
challenge me
learn with me
grow with me

glb /// “state of healing”

first blush

i don’t remember the exact moment
though i can recall the feeling
when you came into my life and changed it forever
there were fireworks
distant peals of thunder
sparks flew wildly
to illuminate your beautiful face
stars fell from the sky
and twinkled in your eyes

that feeling is with me still
whenever i think of you,
especially now that
you are in my life again,
it comes straight from my soul
from where you left your mark
so many years ago

i have carried you around with me
for such a long time now
that you are a permanent
part of me
which is why we fit together
so naturally
so instinctively
so perfectly

so, that moment
all those years ago
even though that memory
is not as clear as i’d like
i still have
to show me the way
back to you

glb /// “first blush” original