the same way

it’s the same way
most of the time
then, not…
and i can’t find
the spots to make it
the same way again

constancy keeps me
in the moment,
then it doesn’t

when it happens
everything i touch
is in question
right or wrong
caring or indifferent
this is the way
my cookie crumbles

time and solitude
may be the only antidote

glb /// “the same way” original


when the beam of sunlight
cracks my eyelid
i immediately search for you,
you are my path to morning

there’s a ghost of you
floating before my eyes
reaching out
i come away wanting

i am in love with
the ephemeral you
and i am longing for
the flesh and blood

i am craving something
actual to touch
and hold

glb /// “actual”
originally published 08/25/2018

shake me

take hold and shake me
shake me has hard as you can
until I am foaming at the mouth
shake me until my eyes roll back
and my body goes limp
please please don’t relent
shake me until there doesn’t
appear to be any life left in me
then just a little more
shake me until I am no longer
in love with her

glb /// “shake me”
originally published 01/20/2014

when is later

we assumed that
what we needed
was what we had,
we built ourselves
from our familiarities

it was so easy
we knew each other
we knew what were doing

so many years
gone by,

without a scratch?

but we knew there were other,

things brushed over
things talked around
things set aside,
until later,

when is later?

glb /// “when is later?”
originally published 12/01/2017

my words…

my words #1my words #2my words #3

my words in the air
hang for all to see
a slight breeze
makes me stutter
a strong gust
renders me mute

sometimes my words come
out garbled, incoherent,
I get embarrassed
and I shutdown without a
thought about anything else
you are beside me
fingers laced, too tight
OK, I can only stare at you,
concentration is impossible,
the many things I want to
say to you have turned to mush
I need you to speak for me

until I can use my words again

I need you to tell yourself
how much you mean to me,
things you already know or else
you would not be here with me
glb /// “my words series”
originally published winter 2013-2014

i’m done

my mind fumbles
over the simplest
of subjects,
making small talk
forming small
phrases to keep
up appearances
soon becomes
no one can know
my secret,
i rehearse a few
little interactions,
when they’re gone,
i’m done

glb /// “i’m done”
originally published 11/14/2014


what broke inside me,
to cause so much turmoil,
to ones i hold dear?

what pressure was too much,
to shatter so completely?

i have no clear evidence,
only glimpses of light,
to steer me through the darkness,
to make my wrongs into right

it hasn’t been bad forever,
despite how interminable it feels,
trying to get back to normal,
will take a lifetime of years

so i wait for doctors,
to pronounce my fate,
and tell me,
why i broke so fast,
and they arrived too late

glb /// “broke”
originally published 10/20/2013

errant lines

take all of my errant lines
take all of my stops
and stuttering starts
take all of my misplaced words
and every one of my
malformed metaphors
my slipping similes
take all of that and more
put it in a sack and throw
it in a river, dash it against
a rock, drop it from a plane,
apply whatever violent act
you deem appropriate
to assure they are never
read again

glb /// “errant lines”
originally published 01/12/2014