if no one else

she is the one
if no one else,
she would be able
to bring you back

it has always been her,
from the very beginning
it was obvious,
she was special
if no one else,
she would be able
to bring you back

through everything
I have been through,
you have been through,

a word to know
you have been
paying attention,

in search of sunrise
to soothe a bad day away

if no one else,
she would be

— glb

my dream of the dream

sometimes in the night
my dream of the dream
is simple,
i want you to be enthralled
with your life
i, in turn, wish for mine to be equally ecstatic…

the dream isn’t specific
about us,
as to whether we’re together,
except at the very end,
when we’re very old…

i take my last breaths
with your hand in mine,
gazing into your beautiful eyes

— glb

one of me

you are one of me
and i am the other one
no matter where we are
walking this great earth
no matter how near or
how far there is
a connection that
shall never be severed
for you are one of me
and i am the other


born from love

born from love
in friendship

days across states
the falls in the rain
discovering a joyful place
wrapped in nature’s splendor
a harbor called Friday

explored in love
recalled as pieces of my soul
that only you can touch

those same pieces I treasure
and visit frequently
holding our love and friendship
close to hy heart


door 521

one flight up and through
door 521 is the first real
home where I lived
alone, my life solitary,
not lonely, full of life,
full of music and light.

a place, where I learned
things, about life, about
love, about death and
mortality, about the
nature of being human,
about human nature,
I learned about how
to be a friend, and how
to deal with betrayal,

I learned about music,
about sex, I learned
to appreciate the sound
of freedom, even in
the middle of a migraine

I learned how to write,
how to get deep down
inside and express the
deepest and the darkest

I learned how to escape
into myself, I learned what
depression really is

But most of all, wrapping
all these things and more
together I learned
what it is to be me

— GB


Can you fix me again?

The warmth of your arms
The strength of your legs
The soft but firm kiss
The affirming embrace

You’re a neurotransmitter dispenser
Dopamine from your gaze
Serotonin on your breath
Norepinephrine trickles quietly
From the corner of your mouth

There’s a hum in your presence
A bit if lightning at your touch
I am growing lethargic
Time to give the full jolt

Where am I?
Are you here?
I want you so bad
Hold my hand, brush my brow
Tell me it’s all OK

I can see how I was
Compare it to how I am
The day feels brighter
I’ll live my life some more

But only if you’re there
If you’ll fix me again
You’re the one that I trust
Can you be my ECT?

— GB