The Light From Your Eyes

I don’t want to ever forget
Your face in my hands as
You look up into my eyes
Right before I kiss you
I ache at the touch
Of your lips
They are so sweet but
I just want to pull away
So I can look into your
Radiant eyes and watch
Your tongue dart out in
Preparation for another
Somehow that memory
Is always with me
Like it happened mere
Seconds ago
Though it was lifetimes
I can still feel the light
From your eyes

— GB

I melt

and there’s the way I melt
when the sun crosses your
face, glitters in your eyes
and warms your lips, so
ready for me to kiss you
back from that daydream
of whatever and wherever
you go when you get that
look like nothing else in the
world could possibly matter,
I hate to take you away from
that but I kiss you anyway,
so I can hopefully share that
place with you for a few moments

— GB

Achieve the Quiet

When the noise is in my head
I need your smile to drown it out
Buzzing and hissing and crackling
Your eyes keep the sounds at bay
Your arms hold me tight and squeeze
Away the din of the dark dark night
I will always pursue the silence
I will continue to seek you out
There is no other way
To achieve the quiet that I crave

— GB

closed eyes

light in my closed eyes feels red
brings words pushing through my lips
yelling at the light to stop shining
I can’t get you off of my taste buds
you enchant the word with your every move
abracadabra I wanna reach out and
spin you around until stardust flies
out of your eyes and onto my table
where I can write your name then
puff it away to fly out to the universe
where the sun will never stop shining
and your radiance will never stop
making my closed eyes feel red

— GB

lost in you

there’s some music
comin’ outta that box
makes me tap my toe
makes me wanna take
your hand and dance
like the night won’t end,
so I do, and the evening
lights up, lights in the
trees reflect in your
eyes, glow on your hair,
makes me wanna slow
dance, just for a bit,
pull you close, breathe
in the scent from your
hair, I am lost in you…

— GB


When I opened my eyes
I was nowhere
Every angle of perspective
Was blank
Then I closed my eyes

When I opened my eyes
Lush jungle
Filled my view
Green on green on green
Then I closed my eyes

When I opened my eyes
You were staring back at me
From your pillow
Your face was so content
Then I closed my eyes

And it all drifted away

— GB