what might be

i am watching the last words
you spoke to me roll
down my neck
and off my back

the most important
things ever said to me…

i have no use for them now,
though it has taken so long
to determine,
i waste no time
releasing them

intrigued by your
next volley,
i shall not languish
in what might be

glb /// “what might be”
going-sideways.com original

alarms going off

hand through the wall
alarms going off
neighbor at the door
alarms going off

I need to see you now
alarms going off
can you make it tonight
alarms going off

turn the tv up louder
alarms going off
no screams can be heard
alarms going off

men with guns breach the perimeter
alarms going off
my pistol at the ready
alarms going off

awesome! sudden silence
no feeling in my limbs
a needle in my arm
no one recognizable around

no alarms

exhausted I sleep and sleep
this is a safe place
these people want to help me
promise to let me see you soon

glb /// “alarms going off”
originally published 01/09/2014