seeking guidance,
a way to break
this stasis

change for the sake of
forward momentum,
movement in any

yearning for
sparks of intuition
my path to the stars

— glb

wake up

wake up to the
deep midnight
breathing softly
exhaling steams
up the window
separating cold
and dark from
warm and bright
snuggle up and
douse the light
turn your face
into the pillow
drift off to the
place of dreams

wake up to the
blue with white
puffy clouds
dangling lazily
with a tossing
and turning eye
pillow thrown
over head
scratching and
grasping for
just a few
minutes more

— GB


When I opened my eyes
I was nowhere
Every angle of perspective
Was blank
Then I closed my eyes

When I opened my eyes
Lush jungle
Filled my view
Green on green on green
Then I closed my eyes

When I opened my eyes
You were staring back at me
From your pillow
Your face was so content
Then I closed my eyes

And it all drifted away

— GB

Sweet Dreams

Every day begins
And ends
With the dream

I never know what it is
Going to hold
I seek the slumber that
Brings it
I shy away from
The light that
Erases it

I crave it
Not caring
What it shows me

I know that while
I am floating
In that world
I am healing
In this one

Erasing the pain
That life
Has brought me
While writing my
Wants and desires

I go there often
Knowing that none
Of it is real
Taking it in and
Holding it for
As long as I can

Sweet Dreams

— GB