lightning peels back
my already shattered sky
i am still jolted
not ready for the crack
although i see it break
i tried to embrace it
become one with it
if it would not become
one with me

out in the middle
of a field turning
around and around
making myself the
tallest thing for miles
making myself as
much of a target
as i can hope to be

i anticipate the blast
i am braced for the shock
of heartache, of melancholy,
of grief at your inability to
love me enough that i
must go diving into
driving thunderheads
just to find what i imagine
what my own life is
supposed to feel like

glb /// “lightning”
originally published 12/13/2015

talk to me…

talk to me of soaring birds being
pulled skyward by whispers of string
flapping wings to pull them higher

bring me butterflies bouncing
around in some sacred, secret, dance
that only makes sense to them

clutch my hand in yours and pull it
close to your lips, your warm moist breath
sending shivers and twitches down to the
base of my spine

hold me firm as I stare deep into your eyes
feel the stutter and jump in the pit of my stomach
I have no wings or strings and I cannot
fly as high as you take me

spare me your siren’s song, i will follow you
to the the towering heights of forever
with the silent gesture of
your arms around my neck and an ever-so-soft kiss

glb /// “talk to me…”
originally published 07/30/2015

in the dark

when i fumble around
in the dark
my hands seek you,
my lover
my other
my constant,
no moment can go by
without some form of thanks
that you exist in my world
warm it
brighten it
make it whole,
a quiet spills over me
you are there,
pulling you toward me
the greatest part of longing
is the anticipation,
my love for you blossoms
in these moments,
my hand finds yours
inseparable in the moments
in the dark

glb /// “in the dark”
originally published 03/14/2017

an encounter #001

cicadas in the
oppressive night
there’s more water
on the outside of my
glass than in it
i couldn’t move
even if there was
a reason

there you come
strutitn’ up the walk
face glistening
in the porch light
half a six pack
dangling from one hand
and an open can
in the other

up the steps
and sitting in my lap
i can feel the heat
spilling from you
you hold the can
up to my forehead
and I feel like I
could die right there

when you lean in and
kiss me
the smell of jasmine
and the taste of honey
nearly finishes me off

glb /// “”an encounter #001”
originally published 08/29/2018

so few words after such a long time

so few words after such a long time
my closest confidant
my brother in
bubble… you know the rest
road trips and roller-coasters
hot sweaty nights
dropping heavy beats
grabbing at the base of our skulls
we both wanted
and so did she
that did not split us
but pulled our beings tighter
we three making promises
with every good intention

time sped up
compressing our souls
torn apart and decimated

silence slowly eroded
like water over stone
after a millineum
we are scatterd
by a harsh wind,
quiet words whispered
into the hot velvet night

your words…… words
wander in
so matter-of-fact
as if you belong here
as if I had kept a space here

after-all we were inseparable

when I come to the edge
of the ravine you once
i am disgusted by my choices,
do I fill it in
and run away
leaving that spot for
something else
dive headlong into
the abyss
that was created
by two complicated men
with a simple love
for one woman

glb /// “so few words after such a long time”
originally published 01/06/2016

you can’t erase me

you can’t erase me
I am a genuine article
of clothing pulled on
against the cold that
freezes the streets
and trees that keeps
us away from each
other for so long we
believe that we don’t
exist but that is not
your way out of this
because I am right
here a few miles
away which feels like
forever since I’ve
seen you though
I know it’s only
been a few days

glb /// “you can’t erase me”
originally published 02/13/2014

three for you

you’re like an antidote that mixes with my uncertainty and keeps me in balance
but i am not here to force my twisted soul into your life
i just want someone to touch me on a regular basis

the simple curve of your face tastes of the sweetest chocolate in the world
your laugh has the aroma of jasmine in the deep, deep night

your soft kiss is the orange glow of the sunset bringing an end to one reality
giving a hint of a whole new one to come

glb /// “three for you”
originally published 10/18/2013