when day is done

when day is done
and night hasn’t started
yet, there is the mysterious
in-between time called dusk

better known by multiple
shadows, promising
multiple encounters
with varying pleasures
and varying deaths,
sighs and shouts and
guffaws echo in your
head, sweet music
lilting in twilight
pressing against
your neck, with
cold hands and soft
tongue, starlight
threatens its twinkle
but we’re not, yet, done

reach as deep as
you can, try to capture
those quicksilver feelings
just had, they’re not
enduring, they’re
ephemeral, only memories
will you have, take those
away with you,
celebrate what you can

slipping past in the gloom
ghosts of pleasantries
gone, brush your cheek,
reminders of days once
lived fill your mind, push
those thoughts aside,
melancholy will not
abide, strength
is required at this
time of day

— GB