accept light

my dank, dirty, muddy, bloody
places are gone,
my practice keeps them at bay
sitting in silence
counting breaths
cleansing my mind
feeling the euphoria
that comes with freedom
push those things out
while teaching my soul
to accept light and love
into my now quiet spaces
glb /// “accept light”


let us sit in silence
feel the energy
of the universe
pass through us
into us
over us

let us worship
each other
in the dark
groping ecstasy
of near life experience

let us know
the complete
of ourselves

let us practice
with our bodies
mouths agape
stealing breaths
from each other
focusing on
the inhale

let us chant
the dharma
of our combining energies

let us move
with the exquisite
of our beings
pushing ever closer
to our realizations
our becoming

let us discover
where we are meant to be

glb /// “sutra” original