what i know now

what I know now
I have to love myself first
I can’t heal without it
I can’t expect it to come
only from someone else
I have to find it within myself
I have to be open and honest about
what I’m going through
I have the right to expect that
from others
It’s ok to be scared
it’s ok to be vulnerable
It’s ok to ask for help
It’s ok to stand up for myself
It’s ok to walk away if I need to
all of these are necessary
plus 101 million others

— glb

The Start of that Journey for Me

I can’t help but feel like the cat that ate the canary, I feel as though I am constantly improving (with a few bumps that have to be expected). Meanwhile, there are those out there that are still suffering. Whether it is something old or something new, I want to help as much as I possibly can. The problem is that when I when I try to get my mind around that task, I find myself being held back by the process of learning to live my life on the positive side. I have spent so much time down there that I am not sure how to be up here. I think there is a natural urge to just take my good fortune and run with it even thought I know that no matter how far I go there is the possibility of ending up right back down. What I need to do is figure out who I am up here and figure out what I have to do to stay up here. Once I do that, I think I’ll be able to give back. This is the start of that journey for me.

Should I Stop Talking About Bipolar Disorder? – Her Bipolar Life

bpnurse just reminded me about a blog that I used to read all the time, but I don’t anymore.  The truth is that I got so wrapped up in WordPress blogs that I forgot all about those outside the WordPress sphere.  This one is called Her Bipolar Life and is written by Kat Dawkins.  As bpnurse describes it:

“this blog is written from the perspective of a twenty-something woman with bipolar 2, I think it offers substantial wisdom to women of all ages with the condition. Kat writes with amazing clarity of life situations that are hard enough for the average female, and almost hopelessly complicated by the existence of bipolar disorder: Work. Relationships. Social expectations. Finances. Hormones.”
A lot of the topics are also applicable to men and women.  The post that caught my attention and made me start reading the blog is called “Should I Stop Talking About Bipolar Disorder?”  I urge you to give it a read and explore the rest of the blog.  You might start going back for more.