it happened

it has to have happened
one time
someone believed
the story i was telling
someone picked me up
looked into my eyes
and saw that
i was still there

it has to have happened
one time
someone saw past
the gibberish
i was speaking
to an empty chair
and put their arms
around me
so i wouldn’t have to
go through it alone

it has to have happened
one time
i sat and stared
out the window
trying to convince myself
that i had
a place in this world
and someone
encouraged me
to take inventory
of my life
to look at everything
that is inside
to be proud
of who i am

it has to have happened
one time
you took a chance
on loving me
giving me
a place to rest
something to count on
the ability
to be free

it has happened
over and over again
i fall asleep
and wake up
knowing that
you are with me
holding my hand
a kiss on my cheek
smiling with me
feeling more love
than ever before

glb /// “it happened”
originally published 09/13/2017


let us sit in silence
feel the energy
of the universe
pass through us
into us
over us

let us worship
each other
in the dark
groping ecstasy
of near life experience

let us know
the complete
of ourselves

let us practice
with our bodies
mouths agape
stealing breaths
from each other
focusing on
the inhale

let us chant
the dharma
of our combining energies

let us move
with the exquisite
of our beings
pushing ever closer
to our realizations
our becoming

let us discover
where we are meant to be

glb /// “sutra” original