that was back when we were young
back when everything was starting
nothing was ending
back when we didn’t know or really care
where we were going but we couldn’t
wait until we got there
back then, we found each other
on a steamy florida night
a night that proved to be the beginning
of something that has lasted a long time
at least it has for me…

a lot of things keep moving when you have
put your life on hold, and moving on is
the hardest part of this thing to deal with

glb /// “something?”
originally published 05/24/2014

alarms going off

hand through the wall
alarms going off
neighbor at the door
alarms going off

I need to see you now
alarms going off
can you make it tonight
alarms going off

turn the tv up louder
alarms going off
no screams can be heard
alarms going off

men with guns breach the perimeter
alarms going off
my pistol at the ready
alarms going off

awesome! sudden silence
no feeling in my limbs
a needle in my arm
no one recognizable around

no alarms

exhausted I sleep and sleep
this is a safe place
these people want to help me
promise to let me see you soon

glb /// “alarms going off”
originally published 01/09/2014

true love

when i first met you
i was me
but you were
so much more than you
there were stars in your eyes
melody in your voice
diamonds in your smile
velvet in your touch

i was intimidated
i was none of those things

but you stayed and
looked me in the eyes
as you told me a little joke
you smiled at the punchline
and squeezed my hand to be sure i got it

now i am those things too
we take walks to the lake
holding hands the whole time
quietly humming songs
smiling as we look each other in the eyes
true love can be formed like this

glb /// “true love”
originally published 10/29/2013