writer as pundit

I am prolifically producing

sentences and couplets

and rhymes of nonsense

to appease no one but me

I toil over every single bit

that I type, erasing and 

rewriting over and over

and over again

must I expend so much 

energy if the audience is

only yours truly?

my worst pundit is me

I will give everything to

ensure every punctuation

and rhythm is put right

in the end it will be such

a monstrosity that it will

never be read, not a single

soul will gaze on it’s

freakish perfection

please ignore all you

have read, all these


mutterings mean nothing

to anyone but me

darkness again

whispers purr from the mouth of our love
subsonic soliloquies tracing the lines of your face

take me home with you before i fall
into your eyes and drown in their infinities

up and down this gray hall, shuffle lives
that remind me of things that are a lot
like you and me before we were together

alone and wanting something more
a life without vacancy for either of us
always able to fill that crying void

i wait for you at med time
force fed greens and blues to make me happy
just like your love it gets pushed down my throat
but tastes so sweet after the retching passes

we are the monarchs of nothing
ruling gray worlds with dim suns
we pass down decrees of happiness
we run naked into the freezing ocean to remind
ourselves that we are alive

i am still here and you have walked away
we are as together as two people can be
who are this far apart

i see you when you visit
i make sure i am allowed to do this one thing

i change my tune, looking at you, i shout
i love you! i love you!! i love you!!!!!

there is just a sorrowful stare
and a tear
then your back when i slip into the darkness again

glb /// “darkness again”