born from love

born from love
in friendship

days across states
the falls in the rain
discovering a joyful place
wrapped in nature’s splendor
a harbor called Friday

explored in love
recalled as pieces of my soul
that only you can touch

those same pieces I treasure
and visit frequently
holding our love and friendship
close to hy heart


yosemite 001

clouds cloak the valley floor
before daybreak, they
cannot conceal the stone
giants rising above

the sun,
that fiery orb,
rises to spill its golden glow
on the granite behemoths
the clouds appear as fire
at their feet

soon the valley is clear
the rock walls are completely
revealed and beckon you
to visit the cool streams and fields
blooming with wildflowers

a visit and you will fall
in love, you will go back
again and again to
continue your affair
with the beauty and
the grandeur