i am in love with a beautiful, complicated woman. knowing her is to know truth and compassion. she is fast friends to the world. her laugh launches a thousand smiles. she will go to the ends of the world for you long as you go with her. her love of beautiful things is equal to her love of beautiful places. don’t get between her and chocolate or her favorite rosΓ©. vegas is always a good idea. kittens rule the house. eat whatever she cooks for you, it’s always delicious. she is loyal where loyalty is warranted. she is the kindest soul in a crazy world. spend some time with her and you will love her too.

… glb

thank you

i take your face in my hands
i put my lips to your ear and whisper
“do you want to live?”
i kiss your cheek
ever so softly
and pulled back
to look in your eyes
you nod slowly

i whisper,
“do not give your love to me because i want it,
give it if i deserve it”
you lean in
put your lips to mine
“thank you”